Company Profile


  • Established in 1998
  • Corporate headquarters located in San Diego, CA
  • Satellite office operating in China allows us to oversee factory procedures, including production and quality control
  • Superior supplier performance and competitive pricing has earned us a world-class reputation


  • To deliver solutions for our customers
  • To expand our partnerships with injection molders and contract manufacturers seeking to lower costs and consolidate their vendor base
  • To continue being a global leader in the production and distribution of standard and custom inserts


  • Providing superior and notably responsive customer service to ensure high customer retention
  • Supporting our valued customers with clear communication and proactive responses
  • Going beyond our responsibilities as a supplier to foster strong personal and business partnerships


  • Offering a diverse set of manufacturing capabilities including cold headed, stamped, and screw machined components
  • Value engineering and technical assistance aimed at cost reduction
  • Visual and camera sorting to check for critical dimensions
  • Fastener standardization consulting, when and where applicable